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The below rules only apply with the goods that are ship from Korea:

Customer orders in UK will receive their goods within 1-2 weeks after the orders have been placed with us.

After you place your order in, fafabeauty staff which based in Korea will send your order to fafabeauty headquarters in UK, then will forward the goods onto our customers in different parts of UK.

Other customers outside the UK like the US and Europe and any other regions will be received their goods after 1-2 weeks of orders have been placed with us.

The price is include all of the postage and taxes within the UK. We strive to keep your goods by customs taxes and withholding goods, but if your goods are detained or require customs tax, we, fafabeauty will pay out half of the customs tax for our customers, customers which based on other countries or other non-British European regions require additional postage paid.

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